Artist - James Clark Writes His Take On Gentlemen's Chuckaboo!

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Artist - James Clark Writes His Take On Gentlemen's Chuckaboo!

Renowned and respected artist James Clark reviews Gentlemen's Chuckaboo.

JamesC is an artist. Starting his career in make up design and hairdressing at the King's Theatre, Scotland, he has since built a solid career across the UK and South Asia, becoming a respected figure in the creative arts and media.


Started two years, Gentlemen’s chuckaboo has gone from strength to strength, taking on that old-fashioned persona of the gent in a three-piece suit, immaculately groomed and giving it a modern twist.

Marketed as the “savvy gentlemen’s” grooming range this quirky brand has built a strong following and appeals across the board to every man.

Building on its beard oils and ‘tache wax, somewhat of a staple in my styling kit for shoots, they have added to the range with a moisturizer and accessories.  Everything about this company says luxury and has that Hercule Poirot feels to the packaging that would make the most fastidious amongst us smile.

With its quirky, almost steampunk packaging and feel it still packs a punch and justifies the luxury tag and the ingredient list says masculine with an eye to good grooming.  Choosing to focus on the quality of the products and scents such as the matt hair paste with grapefruit and bergamot, you know you are buying into something that has been carefully thought out and planned to meet the needs of the modern man.

They also have a line of accessories and beautiful prints that tie nicely with their brand identity and allow a masculine edge to not just the styling of the beard but to the home and not forgetting a touch of jewellery with the stone bead bracelet.


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