Chuckaboo Candle Launch With Co-Owner & Fashion Blogger Stanleydru

Chuckaboo Candle Launch With Co-Owner & Fashion Blogger Stanleydru

Chuckaboo Candle Launch With Co-Owner & Fashion Blogger Stanleydru

 Chuckaboo Soy Candle 

I don’t know about you, but home décor has slightly taken over my life! I have spent hours trawling through gorgeous Instagram accounts liking and lusting over home inspirations, from wall art to flooring & from plates to towel racks… I-am-obsessed. Even when I’m out and about I find myself drawn into little home boutiques purchasing all kinds of knick-knacks, treating my home as if it’s a living breathing entity in need of these goodies, I mean, I’ve even started to buy an ornament before buying a pair of shoes, like seriously, who the hell am I?!

Chuckaboo Natural Soy Candle

It’s an epidemic of the cosy kind, since we’re all striving to make our homes comforting, welcoming and inspiring, whether its new cushions to make the sofa pop or candles to make our homes smell delicious, we just can’t stop splurging! (well I certainly can’t!)

If like me you are all on board this runaway train of ornaments, bed throws and amazing artwork which lean gorgeously against ‘dusty eyelash’ coloured walls, then you’ll understand how the temptation to spend is all too real, however, when it comes to candles, just make sure you spend your money wisely, they come at high price points and sometimes, they are horrendously disappointing, leading me on to my new product launch (stay with me now!)

Chuckaboo Natural Soy Candle

I’m guilty for spending a bomb on these deliciously smelling flickering flames, however, I have bought my fair share of duds. More of a flicking light-source rather than heaven for my nostrils, oh and there is nothing more devastating than a candle with potential, just not enough scent to confirm its presence. Even worse, you may find a candle that smells strong, but it contains fragrance oils, which are synthetic and nasty which are probably to blame for those awful headaches you seem to be having.

My biggest challenge has been finding a candle that looks beautiful in my home (aesthetics are important beauts!) but also has a strong natural fragrance, that burns for hours and makes my home smell like heaven on earth- is this too much to ask for? Well, I found it, or should I say, “I made it”

Chuckaboo Natural Soy Candle

As a candle enthusiast, with a headache prone partner, I have created my dream candle that ticks all of the necessary boxes, created to join the Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo family of lifestyle & grooming products, the candle flaunts the Chuckaboo trademark gold foiling & wonderous packaging in a perfect mix of beautiful minimal design & tantalisingly delightful scent which would look & smell suitably gorgeous in anyone’s abode.

I’ve scented my candle with amber essential oil (which is horrendously expensive and hard to come by, but worth the effort to track down) also in the mix is lavender, vanilla & lemongrass essential oils (no synthetic, all 100% natural!). As a combination, this fragrance is like nothing I’ve smelt before- you have to smell it to believe it! Prior to burning the candle its natural throw is strong and delicious, but leave it burn for an hour then your room is flooded with calming natural scents that will make your heart smile (and your head)

Chuckaboo Natural Soy Candle

I use 100% soy wax, since it’s a renewable material, the wax produces as much as 90% less soot than paraffin wax, so the air in your home is cleaner and fresher. Also, Soy burns a lot slower than other wax blends, which means you get a longer burn time for your money! I also find soy works so much better with my essential oil mix, there is most certainly a collaboration between the two which has allowed me to make perfectly aesthetic candle with the right amount of fragrance, allowing you to relax and unwind.

If like me, you’re also interested in the health benefits of essential oils, then read the below:

Amber– Will clear the area of negativity & bring one a sense of peace and confidence

Lemongrass– Stress relief & said to help fight anxiety & depression

Lavender- Migraine & headache relief, reduced anxiety & improved sleep quality

Vanilla- Relieves stress & has a calm relaxing effect

Chuckaboo Natural Soy Candle

Each candle is hand poured in my home in Leeds, so I’ll be making bigger batches in the coming weeks (we completely sold out after Christmas!) however, if you do manage to get your hands on one, I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions below!

Enjoy beauties! £22


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