Gentlemen's Chuckaboo First Feature Video

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Gentlemen's Chuckaboo First Feature Video

We know video content is extremely important if you want to keep up with competition and stay ahead of trends. Video captures much more of a person’s interest than simply a well shot photograph. So, what did we do?  - We got our heads together with a team of super talented people and created something special.

Gentlemen’s Chuckaboo had the privilege of working with the incredible James Lobley from Maku Media to create our first feature advert shot on location in a stunning mansion.  James has created and shot work for big brands like Gym King and Circulr.

We also got the help of a good friend we’ve known forever in the help of the talented Brittany who kept us looking our best during the shoot. Looks are kind of important in this kind of thing, especially when we’re shooting a men’s grooming product range! You can see a range of Brittany's work by clicking here.

The advert shows our products off in all their glory & comes in two halves; advert one which is a product feature & how to incorporate Chuckaboo into your morning routine & the second (yet to be released) features the accessories...I think you’ll agree that we’ve came along way from our homemade printing days!


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