It's all in the detail! How the smallest detail can take your home to the next level...

It's all in the detail! How the smallest detail can take your home to the next level...


So, you've bought your new home and it’s time to utilize the mood boards and Pinterest inspo that you've collected over the last few months in preparation for the big makeover! But there's a problem, your excessive nod to industrial chic over complicates the new scandi trend that you've recently decided you love, but even worse, your collection of opulent Victorian colour palettes just kill your white washed 'hygge' vibe you've set your hopes on creating.  

It's so easy to find yourself in creative mess, especially when you try to merge your personality with trends that you adore, but the key is in the detail, it’s about finding one element (it could be a colour, finish or material) that unconsciously ties every room together & blends your themes & inspirations effortlessly. 

You've all heard of the adage 'less is more' and never has it been so important in the realms of interior design, choosing only a handful of key pieces will be the difference between a sleek interior and a jumble sale, don’t overload your room with an excess of shapes and objects, just pick a few eye catching pieces that you love in order to take your room to the next level.

 Personally I love Matalan homeware at the moment, from simple hanging ropes, to brushed gold ‘test tube’ planters & artwork from Etsy finishes the look perfectly.


One the most cost-efficient ways of turning dowdy aged rooms into show stopping 'good housekeeping' centre fold is by finding the right plants. Whether you like cactus, succulents or palms, there isn't a right or wrong way to go about it, just find the plants that you like and choose simple, tonal planters that are in keeping with your theme, they will become the natural art you need to bring your room to life and will add a bright pop of natural green that will lift anyone's spirits. Head straight to Ikea to find affordable palms, hanging ivy & stunning cactus.




 Understated is definitely key & finding pictures and frames that don’t take over your interior can be difficult, nothing says more subtle than these gorgeous clasp frames, insert your favourite picture and hang it from any wall- the simple design allows you to choose more daring eye catching art or keep it clean and simple with a minimalist print (you could even use a real feather which will be pressed within the glass) experiment and take some risks, either way, it’ll make a feature wall pop! I love using our Chuckaboo foil print of the ‘Bludger’ gent- which is sophisticated & striking, balanced perfectly with the simple gold border of the frame (from Matalan). Get our Chuckaboo print by clicking here.



One Offs

Although the jumble sale look is an absolute no no, searching for objects of interest (most probably found at a jumble sale) is a hell yeah! Don’t overfill your house with these unusual objects, otherwise you will begin to look like a museum of the macabre- instead, limit yourself to one or two pieces, just to create a talking point. I tend to visit boutique antique shops for skulls and antlers, pop them in an oversized jar and voila, you have something individual and interesting! Obviously, if you don’t have a morbid fascination for skulls this might not be for you, however, always look in one off boutiques to find something a little different that adds something fascinating into your décor.

Door Knobs

Cabinets and doors, wardrobes and drawers, nothing can update your furniture like a simple door knob or handle. I’ve made the cheapest wardrobe look high end using stunning brushed brass handles, textured and heavy it can make furniture look high end and luxury. In my kitchen I opted for textured brass pole handles, simple in design, yet they look the business & has made our IKEA kitchen look truly striking. Search on EBAY for beautiful handles and knobs or visit some boutiques for truly inspirational pieces!

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