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If you’ve often wondered exactly what to do with your beard once you’ve grown it, we’ve outlined a few basic rules for you to follow and a few products essential, that you or your facial fuzz shouldn’t live without.

So, where to start first? I think the most logical would be the trusty Beard Oil.

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Renowned and respected artist James Clark reviews Gentlemen's Chuckaboo. JamesC is an artist. Starting his career in make up design and hairdressing at the King's Theatre, Scotland, he has since built a solid career across the UK and South Asia, becoming a respected figure in the creative arts and media.   Started two years, Gentlemen’s chuckaboo has gone from strength to strength, taking on that old-fashioned persona of the gent in a three-piece suit, immaculately groomed and giving it a modern twist. Marketed as the “savvy gentlemen’s” grooming range this quirky brand has built a strong following and appeals across...

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Our very own 'Gigglemug' Beard Oil was voted #1 against top end, high fashion brands in Carl Thompson's popular blog. Carl Thompson is a renowned fashion blogger from London. He has created a blog that is an amalgamation of fashion, style, travel, grooming, lifestyle, fitness & food content.  Carl's opinions matter in the world of men's fashion and we couldn't be happier that he has rated our Beard Oil the best compared to some of the biggest names in the business! This is what Carl had to say about our Gigglemug Beard Oil: "Whilst this list is in no discernible order,...

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